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Climate Action Communities Program - Sample Resolution

The Vermont Climate Action Communities (VCAC) program is designed to help Vermont municipalities achieve deep energy efficiency savings, reduce local emissions and participate in the transition to a clean energy economy, improve resilience in the face of climate change, and provide locally supported renewable energy generation for municipalities and the communities they serve. Led by VLCT in partnership with a wide range of support organizations, Vermont Climate Action Communities offers technical assistance, training and information to help municipalities plan and take actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.T he VLCT Board of Directors voted to join the Vermont Climate Pledge Coalition at its board meeting on June 19, 2017.

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Financing Municipal Energy Projects

Efficiency Vermont Financing Municipal Energy Projects Presentation by Paul Markowitz, Efficiency Vermont NEEP High Performance Building and Communities Working Group July 10, 2018 Concord, NH

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How a PPA Works to Save Municipalities $$ on Electricity

Several Vermont municipalities have entered into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA or third party ownership) to help reduce electricity bills and switch to solar energy with no upfront capital costs. Since public entities cannot take advantage of federal tax credits, a PPA is a unique public-private partnership that allows for third party investors to pass on savings to municipalities.

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