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Climate Action Communities Program - Sample Resolution

The Vermont Climate Action Communities (VCAC) program is designed to help Vermont municipalities achieve deep energy efficiency savings, reduce local emissions and participate in the transition to a clean energy economy, improve resilience in the face of climate change, and provide locally supported renewable energy generation for municipalities and the communities they serve. Led by VLCT in partnership with a wide range of support organizations, Vermont Climate Action Communities offers technical assistance, training and information to help municipalities plan and take actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.T he VLCT Board of Directors voted to join the Vermont Climate Pledge Coalition at its board meeting on June 19, 2017.

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Financing Municipal Energy Projects

Efficiency Vermont Financing Municipal Energy Projects Presentation by Paul Markowitz, Efficiency Vermont NEEP High Performance Building and Communities Working Group July 10, 2018 Concord, NH

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Municipal Guide for Vermont Energy Codes and Above-Code Programs October 2016

This guide offers local officials an easy-to-use resource that will:  Provide background information on building Energy Code requirements;  Explain the code process from application through documented compliance;  Describe the benefits of meeting and exceeding Vermont’s Energy Codes, including lower energy costs;  Outline the support available from Efficiency Vermont for builders and homeowners—both to simply meet the minimum requirements of the codes and to receive technical and financial assistance to exceed the codes; and  Make it easier to carry out the tasks associated with towns’ responsibilities for meeting the Codes, as described in Act 89 and passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2013.1 The guide also provides suggestions for how zoning administrators, town energy committees, planning commissions, design review boards, and similar local bodies can call attention to the benefits of energy-efficient construction by raising awareness of how to comply with the Energy Code and how to participate in above-code programs.

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