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90 by 2050


The Better Connections Program


Eligible Project Categories

The Better Connections Program grants are for planning work leading to local policy decisions and implementation. Projects should address land use and development, context-sensitive design, transportation network connectivity and roadway design, water quality, green and grey infrastructure capacity, and economic development. All projects must support the Program Purpose and Objectives, include an effective community visioning process, and develop an implementation plan. The implementation plan should coincide with capital projects identified in the regional and municipal plan, municipal capital plan or the VTrans Capital Program. Examples of eligible projects include, but are not necessarily limited to: A. Activity Center Plans. Activity Center plans are smaller in geographic focus than Municipal Plans, and because of their smaller geography and focus; they provide more detailed implementation recommendations for specific areas. Activity Center Plans are a community-driven physical plan for future improvements. B. Corridor Transportation and Land Use Plan (CTLUP). A CTLUP supports and encourages safe, comfortable multimodal transportation options (bicycle, pedestrian, vehicles, and transit) on state and town highways. The CTLUP geography varies, but the plan should be implementation-driven and deliver strategies to improve both the transportation and land use along a specific area of the corridor. C. Innovative Transportation and Land Use Guidelines and Policies. Guidelines and bylaws that integrate transportation and land use to increase transportation options, support economic development and community resilience. The guidelines must be specific to a certain area (downtown, village, neighborhood or corridor) and not municipal-wide bylaws or standards.