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90 by 2050


Energy Action Network

2017 Energy Action Network Annual Report

Montpelier – The Energy Action Network (EAN), a diverse network of business, non-profit, and public sector stakeholders committed to achieving 90% of Vermont’s energy needs through efficiency and renewable energy by 2050, today released its 2017 Annual Report. The in-depth analysis draws on state and federal data to show the status of Vermont’s progress toward its energy and climate commitments.

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Exploring Vermont’s Efficiency & Renewable Energy Pathways

The Energy Action Network developed a detailed energy accounting model to document Vermont’s 2010 energy use and analyze key technology and policy pathways that could lead to attaining the Vermont's goal of 90% renewable by 2050.

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2016 Energy Action Network Annual Report

2016 was a pivotal year for Vermont and the nation. The year opened with dynamic initiatives on energy policy and planning in Vermont and decisive action internationally in the context of the Paris Climate Agreement. 2016 closes with a turn to new opportunities under Governor Scott and his Administration in Vermont, and a sharp turn in national energy policy and direction. These changing times highlight the role and value of EAN in seeking broadly held priorities and approaches to shape a clean, affordable and secure energy future for all residents of our “brave little state.”

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