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Municipal Tools

Town Street Lighting Campaigns

Street lighting is one of a town’s more expensive utility bills. Most cities and towns currently use old, inefficient light fixtures with drop-down lens fixtures that spill and waste light to the sides and upward to the sky. Through a community-wide streetlight initiative, towns can save money, reduce energy use, and cut down on night time light pollution. For more information contact SERG or download and review the comprehensive “Guide to Improving Efficiency in Municipal Street and Public Space Lighting” created by Efficiency Vermont.

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Montpelier Net Zero Revolving Loan Fund

The Net Zero Revolving Loan Fund was established in 2016 to help finance municipal energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in the City. The Fund is administered by City staff with the support of the Montpelier Energy Advisory Committee, which is tasked with spearheading the city’s Net Zero Montpelier initiative. The Net Zero Revolving Loan Fund is aimed at capturing and tracking savings from sustainability projects and utilizing some of those savings for subsequent projects. In addition to funding stand-alone energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, the City can also use the fund to pay the marginal costs of efficiency improvements within larger capital projects.

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Implementing Solar for Your Town or School District - South Burlington's Guide to Municipal Solar

The South Burlington Energy Committee has been working with the City of South Burlington since 2012 to move their idea for a landfill-based solar project forward. Over the course of four years, a public/private partnership was developed with the Burlington-based Encore Renewable Energy to help develop the project. The Energy Committee and city also reached out to the South Burlington School District to extend the project benefits to local schools.

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