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Community Progress Maps


The Community Progress Maps tool combines data from official sources to show progress tracking information!  You now have the ability to quickly compare per capita statistics, see annual changes by energy category, and utilize a timeline feature to visualize progress over time.  To view the aggregate number of Energy Sites (# of solar sites, # of EV Charging Stations) in a community, click on the "Numbers of Sites" metric under the appropriate category below. For additional visualizations comparing total project count as opposed to per capita click here to visit the Energy Sites Map.

Data Methodology

For a complete description of the data and methodologies, please visit the Data Landing Page.

How To Use This Tool


  1. Select a category.

  2. Choose a metric.  To see the total number of sites displayed on the Energy Sites Map, choose "number of sites."  All metrics displayed are per capita and cumulative (except Electric Use).

  3. Narrow your query by town and subcategory (type of battery, solar, transit, heat pump, EV charger, etc).

  4. View change over time. This is not available for all metrics.

  5. View the project count, as opposed to per capita on the Progress Graph.  

  6. View per capita rankings of communities.  

  7. Hover over any town to see additional data