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Big-Picture Planning Yields Big Energy-Savings Returns for Rutland's Hannaford

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The Hannaford Supermarket of Rutland
Photo credit: Efficiency Vermont

Source: Efficiency Vermont (EVT)

Like most grocery stores, Hannaford must carefully manage costs in order to be profitable. Keeping a large amount of fresh food on-hand is no simple task. A lot of energy goes into keeping the store well-stocked, and refrigeration costs account for a big part of overhead. 

Fortunately, reducing energy is part of the Hannaford corporate business model. Stores are regularly monitored for potential energy waste, and energy-efficient upgrades are made whenever and wherever feasible. 

Closed cases keep heating and cooling costs under control 

Hannaford of Rutland recently enclosed nearly 200 linear feet of open coolers containing fresh juices, beer, dairy, and more. The open cases were retrofitted to accommodate “zero energy” doors: super-insulated glass doors built to reduce the heat that travels right through ordinary glass. That reduced heat transfer also means that zero energy doors don’t fog up, so the need for door heaters (often used to preserve product visibility) was eliminated as well. 

They also replaced the fluorescent case lighting with LED fixtures, improving the appearance of the cases and saving even more energy.

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