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Building Energy is Retrofitting Homes in Burlington

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Photo credit: Thomas DeSisto

Source: Celia Lancaster - UVM

Building Energy offers a complete range of building and weatherization services including various forms of insulation, siding, roofing, doors and windows. They also install solar panels and heating system alternatives. Building Energy is recognized as a “Building Analyst Professional” by the Building Performance Institute. This is a national training and certification agency dedicated to the advancement of sound building practices and promotion of energy conservation technologies. 

Most of Building Energy’s insulation and improvement projects qualify for state incentives offered through current Efficiency Vermont programs. They are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and converting to clean renewable energy. 

Thomas DeSisto, a local Burlington resident and community development lecturer at the University of Vermont, used Building Energy to install solar panels and insulate his home. Thomas cannot imagine why anyone would not install solar panels on their home. Thomas explains that although the initial total price of the solar panels may have been a bit steep, he is no longer paying an electricity bill.

“Compared to the condo I lived in before, I have no absolutely no electricity bill at all and I have really nothing to think about in terms of utility bills, which is great” said Thomas when explaining the benefits of solar panels from Building Energy. The economics of it all just make sense. 

He also said that weatherization is extremely vital, especially in Burlington. In his new home, the walls are thick and he can hardly hear any noise from the outside. The windows aren’t drafty and he has never felt cold in his home. Three of the big, main windows in Thomas’s home are south facing where the panels are and he receives a significant amount of direct sunlight/heat. “There was a very careful placement of these windows” which he thanks Building Energy. Thomas recommends Building Energy to anyone who lives in Burlington, has a passion for the environment, and is looking to be financially sustainable.

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