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CFL Sales Save Energy, Money and CO2

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TEC CFL Sale at Town Meeting
Photo credit: Bob Walker

Source: Bob Walker

From 2003 through 2010, the Thetford Energy Committee sold 1,113 Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) at our annual town meeting table, as well as at other workshops and forums organized by the TEC. In total we sold 1,113 CFLs, which, over their lifetimes should save 485,475 kWh of electricity, $92,343 in electrical spending, and 548 tons of CO2 emissions.

These sales were particularly effective and helped stimulate the market, in the early years, when high quality CFLs were hard to come by. The TEC partnered with Sustainable Energy Resource Group, who helped organize the sales and secure the bulbs, and Efficiency Vermont, which provided discounts on the bulbs and educational literature.

The Vermont Energy Education Program  also attended several of our sales, bringing with them hands-on energy education displays, like its stationary bike that allowed riders to pedal to produce power to light a bank of CFLs at a quarter the effort of lighting similar output incandescents. These sales were a great early initiative for the TEC as they provided great exposure to the town for our new group as well as an easy, highly successful project that helped homeowners save energy, money and CO2 emissions.