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Dripping Faucet Ad Motivates Weatherization

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Photo credit: Richard Krzal

Source: Bob Walker

Richard Krzal, Cobble Hill Road, East Thetford

There was an Efficiency VT advertisement that showed a dripping tap. It said, ‘You would fix a leaky faucet, shouldn’t you fix your leaky house?’ I decided to do something about the cold drafts I was feeling. Now the house is more comfortable and I have reduced my wood use about a third.

Measures Installed:

  • Air sealed attic, kneewall (contractor)
  • Air sealed basement walls and garage (owner) 
  • Insulated attic and kneewalls with cellulose (contractor) 
  • Insulated basement walls with poly board (owner)
  • Upgraded bathroom exhaust fan

Savings Achieved:
Air Leakage Reduced by – 44%
Projected Heat Energy Savings – 17.3%
Cost of Job – $6,600
Incentives from Efficiency VT – $2,650
Net Cost to Homeowner – $3,950
Projected Annual Dollar Savings – $610
Years to Payback Through Savings – 6.48 
Return On Investment – 15.4%