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Glover Sees Drop in Electricity Use During Button Up Day Challenge

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Nov. 12th is Button Up Day in VT.
Photo credit: Efficiency Vermont

Source: Ann Creaven, Sara Gluckman, and Mariel Hess

The Glover Energy Committee created a Button-up Day Challenge: for the town of Glover to use less energy on November 12th 2016 than they had on the same date last year. While Button Up has traditionally been an outreach effort focused on thermal efficiency and weatherizing buildings for winter, energy savings of all kinds are important and needed. To accomplish their goal the Glover Energy Committee used a successful combination of education and technology upgrades.

Rallying the Community

They gave presentations to elementary school students on what energy is and how to conserve it. The kids made refrigerator magnets to remind them to conserve. The committee also handed out four hundred energy efficient LED light bulbs and socket insulators at the polls in Glover on election day (Nov. 8th) to raise awareness about Button-up Day. Numerous residents signed a pledge to make use of these energy saving devices.

Residents were encouraged to be creative in ways to save electricity.  Examples of actions taken that day as reported by residents included reading instead of watching TV, using flashlights instead of electric lights, playing Apples to Apples with grandchildren all afternoon, and playing Bananagrams by candle light. Some folks mentioned that they caught themselves turning on lights without thinking, and had to remind themselves not to. Others told us they had decided to continue to keep many of their lights unplugged until they actually need them.

Buttoning Up Drops Electricity Use

The Glover Energy Committee is excited to report a drop in electricity use on November 12th in response to our Glover Button-up Day Challenge. Efficiency Vermont partnered with the Vermont Electric Cooperative to provide the data.

According to Kristan Hatfield, Program Manager for Efficiency Vermont, “The data from Vermont Electric Co-op shows a 1.7% decrease in Glover per home electricity usage for 2016 vs. 2015. That is a significant decrease.  Programs that demonstrate 1.7% electrical savings consistently over time can add up to big savings over many thousands of people. Every citizen action large or small counts.  This innovative test designed by the Glover Energy Committee has provided many learning opportunities for Efficiency Vermont. We sincerely value your efforts and partnership.”

The Glover Energy Committee wants to congratulate the community on our success with the Button-up Day Challenge. We hope that it promoted an ongoing awareness of the importance of energy conservation. The results of our Challenge show that together we can make a difference. 

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