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Local Energy Committee Inspires Homeowner to Call the HEAT Squad

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Photo credit: Norwich Energy Committee

Source: Norwich Energy Committee

“After moving in the winter of 2015 into an old house built without regard to energy efficiency, experiencing a couple of uncomfortably cold winters, and seeing the Energy Committee's listserv post about $100 energy audits, I scheduled an energy audit of my house with HEAT Squad. HEAT Squad prepared a professional report listing priority projects to obtain the highest impact for the lowest cost, and walked me through the report. HEAT Squad sent me the names of certified energy efficiency contractors, and explained the process for doing a follow-up round of testing and earning cash back on the work done. The work has made the house noticeably more comfortable, the recommended contractors were thoroughly professional, and the follow-up testing and incentive processes were very easy.” - Helena Gardner

Measures Installed

  • Air sealed: attic penetrations (wires, pipes, top plates, pocket doors, etc.), attic access hatch/pull down stairs, recessed light/bath fan fixtures, drop ceilings/soffits, chimney/flue penetrations, cantilevered floors
  • Insulated attic open cavity and floor

Savings Achieved

  • Air Leakage Reduction = 35.1 % Cost of Job $7,200
  • Projected Heat Energy Savings = 42.19% Incentives from Efficiency VT ($1,970)
  • Projected Annual Dollar Savings = $1,122 Net Cost to Homeowner $5,230

Years to Payback through Savings = 4.6
Return on Investment = 21.7%

More Information: 

Norwich Energy Committee