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Local Pizzeria Franchise is the Big Cheese When It Comes to Efficiency

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Leonardo's Pizza
Photo credit: Photo by Cathy Chamberlain

Source: Burlington Electric Department

“Upgrading to energy efficient lighting has been an absolute win-win for our store. With the competing priorities of any business, it can be challenging to take on these types of projects alone. Burlington Electric Department made it extremely easy – overseeing the process from start to finish. We see a significant improvement in our electricity bills and store environment. Thanks to BED for being an incredible community partner.” - Kelly Byers


The project upgraded the existing T12 lighting fixtures to High-Performance T8’s (HPT8’s). These fixtures use 35-50 percent less electricity than the older T12 technology and can last 1.5 times as long, which means less money spent on replacements and maintenance. HPT8’s provide better light quality, including less flicker and “hum” and a better color rendering than the T12’s. Because the HPT8’s operate at a cooler temperature there is a reduction in the need for air conditioning.

THE SAVINGS - $1,400 Annually

This project resulted in a decrease of electricity usage of about 10,000 kWh annually – about 20% of their annual electrical useThe new HPT8 lights are expected to last approximately 30,000 hours (1.5 times longer than standard technology). The lighting quality was significantly improved. Leonardo’s used On-Bill Financing to pay for this project, immediately giving them a cash positive result. With On-Bill Financing, Leonardo’s pays the monthly cost of the lighting project right on their electric bill. This financing cost is offset by the lowered electric bill, resulting in immediate savings.