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Rain, Rain Go Away - Insulation Project Ends Attic Condensation Showers

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Photo credit: Scott Hesser

Source: Bob Walker

Scott Hesser, Godfrey Road in East Thetford
Before the work, the house felt drafty and cold on a regular basis. We had serious moisture problems in our attic because so much warm air was flowing out of our living space and into the attic where it was condensing on the roof. On cold days, it could look as if it were raining in the attic. Our house is much more comfortable now.

Measures Installed:

  • Air sealed attic and basement penetrations. 
  • Insulated attic and basement 

Savings Achieved:
Air Leakage Reduced by – 86.3% 
Projected Heat Energy Savings – 27.8%
Cost of Job – $4,977
Incentives from Efficiency VT – $1,635
Net Cost to Homeowner – $3,342
Projected Annual Dollar Savings – $1,060
Years to Payback Through Savings – 3.15 
Return On Investment – 31.74%

Weatherization is a long-lasting investment, bringing energy savings and increased comfort for years to come - long after your initial investment is paid off.