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Reel Savings: Compressed Air Improvements Deliver Major Payback

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Carris Reels, Inc. saved $192,470 per year
Photo credit: Efficiency Vermont

Source: Efficiency Vermont (EVT)

Founded in Rutland, Vermont in 1951, Carris Reels, Inc. manufactures industrial reels and spools and now has nine locations throughout North America. Their success is due—at least in part—to keeping waste to a minimum, so it’s no surprise they’ve partnered with Efficiency Vermont over the years to improve facility and operational efficiency. In 2012, Carris management was focused on reducing plant overhead by taking a critical look at operations, and they turned to Efficiency Vermont for energy expertise. The opportunities uncovered were substantial. 

Costly inefficiencies

Carris Reels uses a large amount of compressed air to make their reels and spools. Knowing that inefficiencies in compressed air systems (CAS) can be significant, Efficiency Vermont helped them hire a compressed air specialist to assess their Vermont-based operations. After two weeks of sub metering, the results were clear—compressors in two locations were oversized and air leaks were discovered throughout their distribution systems. 

Addressing the issues

New, properly-sized compressors were installed, the leaks were addressed, and variable frequency controls were added. Carris Reels has cut their compressed air energy use in half, without any disruption to process or product. As a result, the Rutland locations are now saving $50,000 per year and the project will provide a simple payback of 1.5 years. 

Looking ahead

Today, Carris Reels continues to seek out and address savings opportunities, both at their Rutland facilities and further afield. By partnering with Efficiency Vermont on an ongoing basis and taking a look at their entire operation— including capital upgrades, employee engagement, and process improvements— their goal is to continue growing their business by eliminating energy waste and strengthening their bottom line.

For more information, please contact Efficiency Vermont at (888-921-5990)