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Renovating an Addition Offers Opportunity for Energy Efficiency

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Photo credit: Norwich Energy Committee

Source: Norwich Energy Committee

“In a three-room addition over a two-car garage originally built in 1980, we completed a semi-finished room, replaced drafty light fixtures with LEDs, installed extra roof and wall insulation, and sealed places where newer and older construction meet. It produced a much warmer and easy-to-heat space. The Solsaa contractors were a pleasure to work with.”- Kathleen & Jack Sheperd

Measures Installed

  • Air sealed: attic penetrations (wires, pipes, top plates, pocket doors, etc.), attic access hatch/pull down stairs, chimney/flue penetrations, doors, wall penetrations (electrical outlets/dryer vents), base and ceiling moldings
  • Insulated west and north walls, closed cavity ceiling, basement above and below grade, attic hatch, and attic open cavity

Savings Achieved

  • Air Leakage Reduction = 18.4% Cost of Job $5,130
  • Projected Heat Energy Savings = 17.85% Incentives from Efficiency VT ($1,090)
  • Projected Annual Dollar Savings = $258 Net Cost to Homeowner $4,040

Years to Payback through Savings = 15.6
Return on Investment = 6.4%

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