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Essex Junction Kennel Keeps Lighting from Going to the Dogs

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Look at those smiles!
Photo credit: Efficiency Vermont

Source: Efficiency Vermont (EVT)

Going to the dogs

Jim Roche from Sandy Pines kennel was tired of his old tube lights burning out, so he called Efficiency Vermont to ask about rebates on newer, more efficient fluorescents. Customer Support Specialist Erin Farrell took the call and, through their conversation, Erin realized that Jim’s business would benefit even more from an upgrade to LEDs.

LEDs are the most efficient lighting technology on the market today.  LEDs use half as much energy as standard fluorescents, their light quality is better, and they run cooler, saving on air conditioning bills in the summer. They also last longer, reducing maintenance costs.

A simple, timely upgrade

After chatting with Erin, Jim requested a couple of quotes from his lighting distributor—one for energy-efficient fluorescents and another for LEDs. He followed up with Efficiency Vermont, and Erin ran a savings analysis of each upgrade, accounting for the purchase price, Efficiency Vermont rebates, and lifetime electricity savings. LEDs were the clear winner.

Says Jim, “The savings reports Erin gave me were invaluable. These weren’t just numbers pulled out of the sky. She dug down and helped me visualize what the actual cost savings would be. That made everything so much easier.”

Better lighting and lower bills

Once the LEDs were installed, Jim’s electric bill went down significantly, and he has already re-invested the savings. In addition to energy savings, Jim reports that the light quality is better, and the LEDs are actually cool to the touch. He’s looking forward to a drop in his air conditioning bill this summer, and feels good knowing that the work he did is making a difference—for himself, his employees, and his furry guests, too.

Interested in an energy upgrade at your business?

Contact Efficiency Vermont to get customized service and financial assistance. We can help you and your business do even bigger things.

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