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Smart Purchase: A Smaller Energy Footprint

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After replacing hundreds of lighting fixtures and installing a new HVAC unit, the University Mall in South Burlington has saved $57,720 and 646,850 kWh per year.
Photo credit: Efficiency Vermont

Source: Efficiency Vermont (EVT)


For Jason Steward, property manager of South Burlington’s University Mall, replacing hundreds of lighting fixtures in the facility’s 990-space indoor garage—along with an HVAC unit—was a chance to execute what he termed, “the proverbial win-win” in both energy efficiency and savings. 

“We were averaging well over $5,000 per month in power costs for the garage as it was,” he explained. “And so I began having conversations with Efficiency Vermont about what effect LED fixtures would have…and was just stunned.” 

Let There Be Light!

By replacing 330 of the old 175-Watt fixtures with the same number of 71-Watt LED models, the garage in Vermont’s largest mall could not only maintain better light saturation through the space, but also save tenants a potential $30,000 in charges every year. 

It took little cajoling for Steward to convince mall owners of the upgrade’s merits, particularly after Efficiency Vermont referred him to Burlington Airport’s property manager, who was executing a similar LED lighting conversion at the time. 

“That airport referral alone took me from step 1 to step 10 in one go,” Steward recalled. “It saved me an enormous amount of time, and I saw the savings potential right away. Efficiency Vermont then advised about the best way to hit the lighting fixture sweet spot as far as efficiency, affordability, and aesthetics were concerned…along with the incentives.” Steward added that he was given the green light to switch out the fixtures in April 2011. 

The HVAC unit took slightly less research. “The old one was original to the mall in 1979,” Steward added with a smile. “So, I knew we had a real chance for savings there.”

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