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Springfield Fire Department Reduces Energy Use

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Source: Caili Orem

The Springfield Energy Committee has been recognized for various accomplishments over the past few years. Perhaps their most notable, however, would be the transition to LED lighting in the town’s municipal buildings. 
In December 2016, the Springfield Fire Department composed a proposal to reduce energy usage but was short of the funds to do so. A collaboration with the Springfield Energy Committee was requested to fulfill the donations. In early 2017, LED lights were implemented in the fire department resulting in significant outcomes: in only four months, the kW hours were reduced by 19% with savings of about $750, according to Char Osterlund, the chair of the Springfield Energy Committee. The success in money and energy savings encouraged other municipal buildings, such as the police department, to do the same. 
The utilization of these partnerships in Springfield has proven to be extremely beneficial for all parties. This method of collaboration is deemed necessary by the Springfield Energy Committee to achieve the town’s energy goals, and so far, it is working.