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Sterling Market Saves Thousands With No Upfront Investment

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Photo credit: Source: Efficiency Vermont

Source: Efficiency Vermont (EVT)

Keeping the Groceries Green

Business owner Mike Comeau was in the midst of renovating his newly leased grocery store space when an electrician pointed out that the existing lighting was very inefficient and would be costly to operate. Mike wanted to upgrade to more efficient lighting, but there simply wasn’t room in the budget.

Having partnered with them in the past, Mike gave Efficiency Vermont a call to see what his options were. Efficiency Vermont staff identified lighting technology that could save the store a lot of energy and money, and helped outline a financing plan that improved his cash flow from day one.

Special financing means all the benefits of efficient upgrades without the upfront cost

Based on Efficiency Vermont’s savings analysis, Mike was able to finance the cost of the upgrade and have the new lights installed. His monthly loan payments are more than covered by the monthly energy savings from the more efficient lighting.

Says Mike, “Even in a leased space, it’s important to look for energy efficient upgrades, because there could be some big savings that can help your personal cash flow.”

Thanks to the lighting upgrade, Sterling Market’s overhead costs are significantly lower. Mike reports that the new lights also illuminate the space much more naturally, making the store more comfortable and enjoyable for customers and employees alike.

Learn more about how Efficiency Vermont can help you identify and pay for energy-saving projects.

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