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The Jones Home: Weatherizing an 1870's Farmhouse

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Dan Jones Home
Photo credit: VECAN

Source: Dan Jones - courtesy of Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network (VECAN)

When Dan Jones moved into his 1870s Montpelier farmhouse, he was confronted with a drafty home that leaked heated air.  Through his work with the Montpelier Energy Advisory Committee, he was familiar with benefits associated with weatherization renovations, but needed guidance about the process. He called a contractor certified by the Building Performance Institute, EnergySmart of Vermont, for an audit.

Working with his contractor, Dan decided to remedy his leaky home by installing foam insulation in the basement and cellulose in the roof.  Concurrently, he took advantage of an offer from a solar hot water dealer to Montpelier residents, further reducing his electricity needs.   

Today, his home is much more comfortable than before, and he’s thrilled that “the savings started immediately.”  While he realizes there are always more opportunities to save, he knows it was a great investment. As a result of the weatherization work, Dan believes he will be more financially stable in the coming years and feels good about living more comfortably and sustainably. 

Interesting Information and Tips: 

  • Find a list of Building Performance Institute-certified contractors via the Efficiency Vermont website; the contractors and Efficiency Vermont will help explain and secure incentives for projects. For this project, a $2,200 incentive from Efficiency Vermont was applied to the $12,000 project, reducing the customer’s cost of the project by 18%
  • Get the most out of your audit by having it done while it’s cold outside. It will provide better information about how your home might be losing heat.