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The Spirit of Ethan Allen Sails Into Savings on Heating Costs

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The Spirit of Ethan Allen crew
Photo credit: Cathy Chamberlain

Source: Burlington Electric Department

The Spirit Stays the Same (but with some upgrades)

This project upgraded heating on a famous Burlington icon – The Spirit of Ethan Allen. The poor performing electric resistance heating was removed in favor of forced hot air from a new high efficiency diesel furnace. Whether at sail or awaiting passengers at dock, the heating improvements go a long way to maximizing energy on this grand vessel. 

“BED staff showed our entire crew methods to change pumps, coolers, walk-in freezers, lighting, etc., and was very instrumental in getting the crew to change behavior, which brought about big savings. BED gave rebates for equipment that we would have otherwise thought unaffordable. Because of this work we were able to achieve a regular 75 percent reduction in electricity over the previous three years.”  â€” Mike Shea 

The Savings - $7596

This project resulted in a decrease of electrical consumption of about

105,000 kWh annually.

Electrical demand was reduced by 43 kW.

The annual savings from this project will pay for themselves in one year.

The heating performance on this vessel was improved dramatically with the new furnace.

The Spirit of Ethan Allen used On-Bill Financing to pay for the upgrade. Each month the loan installment will appear on the bill providing for

Each month the loan installment will appear on the bill providing for immediate savings.

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