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The Toth Home: Residential Weatherization Project

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Photo credit: Efficiency Vermont

Source: Efficiency Vermont (EVT)

With a drafty 1840s cape style house, the Toths knew they had plenty of opportunities for energy and cost savings and increased comfort in their home. The Post Mills couple hired a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Participating Contractor, whom they found through the Efficiency Vermont website, to conduct a comprehensive energy audit and provide a list of the necessary steps for improving the energy performance of their home. They found that a significant amount of their heat was escaping from the roof, so the Toths air-sealed and insulated the attic, reducing the home’s air leakage by 22%. This combination of energy efficiency measures helped reduce the winter drafts in their home. It also increased the homeowners’ comfort in the winter. 

Before they moved forward on their project, the Toths sought incentives from Efficiency Vermont and others sources, receiving a total of $1,779. They also used a line of credit with an interest rate of 6% from the Wells River Savings Bank to pay for the project. Using these financing options, they were able save money, reduce their energy use, and improve the comfort in their home.

Interesting Information and Tips: 

  • Contact Efficiency Vermont to find out about what incentives are available, and talk to your local bank about financing options. Your goal is to obtain affordable energy improvements.

  • Efficiency Vermont recommends a loan that “combines easy qualification, an attractive fixed interest rate, and a relatively long repayment term. Fixed monthly payment plans that can be offset by energy savings pay for themselves. The money that would have been spent on energy bills becomes available to make most or all of the loan payments.”

For more information, please contact Efficiency Vermont at (888) 921-5990.