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Thermal Imaging Reveals Advantages of Air Sealing

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Photo credit: Stephen Branchflower & Coleen Fox & Noah

Source: Bob Walker

Stephen Branchflower & Coleen Fox & Noah, Houghton Hill Road, Thetford Hill

Our home is an old camp building built in the 30’s and after doing a small renovation to our bathroom I discovered the walls of this old camp were not insulated. Working as an architect and caring greatly about energy efficiency and the environment I had an energy audit done to see just how extensive the problems were. While insulation helped tremendously I was most impressed with the effects of properly air sealing our home – the information revealed through the use of thermal imaging cameras was the biggest eye opener. Long story short we are quite comfortable and very happy with Efficiency Vermont and their network of subcontractors.

Measures Installed:

  • Increased distribution efficiency of direct vent propane heaters. 
  • Air sealed attic, exterior walls and crawlspace penetrations.  
  • Insulated attic, exterior walls and crawlspace rim. 

Savings Achieved:
Air Leakage Reduced by – 36.3%
Projected Heat Energy Savings – 39.6%
Cost of Job – $3,600
Incentives from Efficiency VT – $1,427
Net Cost to Homeowner – $2,173
Projected Annual Dollar Savings – $656
Years to Payback Through Savings – 3.31 
Return On Investment – 30.21%