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Thriving Under (Efficient) Pressure

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Husky Molding Systems factory in Milton, Vermont
Photo credit: Efficiency Vermont

Source: Efficiency Vermont

Milton, Chittenden County - 

Making technical injection molds relies on some heavy-duty machines that draw a significant amount of power. To understand just how much, Husky worked with Efficiency Vermont to install submeters throughout the facility, taking precise measurements of energy usage and pressures across several pieces of equipment.

Through this work, the team identified the optimal level of pressure and volume, and found they could achieve the same high performance at much lower power. The shift in process set points will save Husky an estimated $160,000 every year.

Husky and Efficiency Vermont also examined idling equipment, and discovered that bringing equipment to a full stop when it was not in use could save Husky another $40,000 per year with no impact on production.

With every project, Husky says, the company learns how to further optimize energy use. It is part of the company’s commitment to continuous energy improvement and its ongoing partnership with Efficiency Vermont.

“We increased our metering and began to see that little changes make big impacts.” Says Dewayne Howell, the Engineering Maintenace Team Leader at Husky.

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