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Vermont Insurer Makes Big Strides Toward Sustainability and Savings

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Photo credit: Efficiency Vermont

Source: Efficiency Vermont (EVT)

Costly Concerns 

In 2008, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont spent more than $900 per day in electricity costs. Recently, the company has been spending less than $500 per day. That’s more than a 40% reduction over six years. 

The shift has been achieved through several strategic energy upgrades in partnership with Efficiency Vermont. In 2009, they replaced their 18-year-old heat pumps—saving $32,500 each year, cutting maintenance costs significantly, and increasing the comfort of their employees. 

Says Facilities Manager Stuart Lawson, “After each project, Efficiency Vermont followed up with data to show us the effect, and then suggested another upgrade. The numbers were compelling, so we kept going.” 

Changing for the Better

Over the past six years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont has: 

• Replaced heat pumps with newer, more efficient (and effective) models; 

• Upgraded interior lighting to soften light levels and improve distribution; 

• Upgraded exterior lighting to increase safety and security; 

• Air sealed and upgraded ventilation and air conditioning systems within their data center, improving temperature consistency and preventing premature equipment failure. 

Recently, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont received ENERGY STAR® Certification for their efforts at the Berlin campus, which now performs in the top 25% among similar facilities nationwide, and meets strict energy-efficiency performance levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

“As a business, the savings are compelling. But it’s about more than that,” says Lawson. “People here understand that we’ve not only lowered our bills, but our footprint as well. And that matters.”

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