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VT Artisan Coffee Goes Solar at Brand New Coffee Facility

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Solar Homeowners, Vermont
Photo credit: Suncommon

Source: Ethan Fischer

VT Artisan Coffee Is Going Solar

Vermont Artisan Coffee Roasters has installed a bank of SunCommon Solar Canopies to power their new facility while offering protection from the elements for their coffee bar customers and the cars in their lot. The canopies even offer shade to a popular picnic table area where visitors can enjoy views of the Green Mountains.

About VT Artisan Coffee

Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea  is a provider of roasted coffees and exotic teas based in Waterbury Center, VT. Their new facility and coffee bar is the heart of their operations here in Vermont. At Artisan Coffee, they believe in farm direct sourcing, organic and fair trade products, and sustainability. SunCommon is proud to have partnered with such an outstanding local business to help them go solar. 

About the Installation

67kw System
20 Carports
Covering Parking Lot
Covering Picnic Area