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Weatherization and Fuel Switching Saves Big Money!

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Photo credit: Norwich Energy Committee

Source: Norwich Energy Committee

"I’ve found the difference to be amazing. When I purchased the house the owners used 800 - 900 gallons of heating oil a year. I use well under 500, and the past 2 seasons even fewer than 400, though I burned at least a cord of wood each of those seasons. It makes the expenditure a little less painful when you realize how much it helps." - Rick Otto 


Measures Installed

  • Installed Foyers Supreme Volcano Plus wood burning fireplace insert 
  • Air sealed: attic penetrations (wires, pipes, top plates, pocket doors, etc.), attic access hatch/pull down stairs, recessed light/bath fan fixtures, drop ceilings/soffits, chimney/flue penetrations, doors, wall penetrations (electrical outlets/dryer vents), fireplace, band joist between floors, basement /crawlspace penetrations, cantilevered floors
  • Insulated attic open cavity

Savings Achieved

  • Air Leakage Reduction = 47.4% Cost of Job $17,994
  • Projected Heat Energy Savings = 27.15% Incentives from Efficiency VT ($1,726)
  • Projected Annual Dollar Savings = $855 Net Cost to Homeowner $16,268

Years to Payback through Savings = 19
Return on Investment = 5.26%

More information: 
Norwich Energy Committee website