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Wendy Ross: A Home Weatherization Success Story in Randolph

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A ‘double head’ heat pump
Photo credit: Susan Mills, Walter Scott

Source: Susan Mills, Walter Scott

For many years I have been concerned about climate change, so, about 3 years ago, I started reducing my own energy use.  I worked with Efficiency Vermont, the Zero Energy Now Program, and the Weatherize the Upper Valley Program to improve my insulation, add heat pumps, and buy shares of Randolph Community Solar.  The net effect of this work has been to make my house more comfortable, generate my own electricity, and almost completely eliminate my use of fossil fuels.  I also believe that I have increased the resale value of my house, an added bonus.

Measures Installed

  • Air-sealed the rim joists in the basement and crawlspace, attic, and sloped ceilings
  • Insulated the rim joists, attic, and sloped ceilings
  • Sealed the ducts on the furnace
  • Installed a ‘double head’ heat pump

Savings Achieved

  • Air leakage reduced by-                                              50.4%
  • Project heat energy savings-                                   58.0%
  • Cost of job-                                                                $21,017
  • Incentives from Efficiency VT-                             $  2,507  
  • Net cost to homeowner-                                        $18,510
  • Projected annual dollar savings-                         $      738
  • Simple payback -                                                           25yrs.
  • Return on investment-                                                   4.0%

Wendy also purchased six shares of Randolph Community Solar, which will produce 6,600 kWh per year.

  • Cost of solar shares-                                                $15,600
  • Federal tax credit-                                                     $  3,120
  • Total cost of solar-                                                     $12,480
  • Projected annual dollar savings-                            $   924
  • Simple pay back -                                                        13.5 yrs.
  • Return on investment-                                                       7.4%